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Larronde Landscape Design

Larronde Landscape Design is a full-service design-build firm based in Burbank, California.
Our goal is to create outdoor environments that are sustainable and maintainable;
that enhance the one's lifestyle, bringing relaxation and balance as one experiences their garden.

Integrating design, balance, and organization, ensuring that the environment flows while engaging the senses, is a primary goal for all our clients.

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Great landscapes
elevate your lifestyle

Towards the end of my 30 plus years career as a corporate graphic designer, I decided to enroll in the Landscape Architecture program at UCLA Extension. I have always been passionate about design and gardening and decided it was time to be a little more professional when I took on projects for family, neighbors and friends to help them with their landscapes.

I am also working toward a Certificate in the Horticulture Certificate Program at UCLAX, which has helped immensely in furthering my knowledge of plants (native and drought-tolerant), soil and pest management.

Sometimes I tease that landscape architecture is just graphic design with plants and trees. We use most of the same digital skills, with the addition of new three-dimensional software, but the design process is very parallel.

My goal is to stay in the residential sphere, focus on plant selection and hardscape ideas for average homeowners that save on resources, economical and environmental. My geographic area is the San Fernando Valley, and east to the San Gabriel Valley. Over the years I have brought together great resources for installation, labor and planting materials. As I network with more students and instructors at UCLA, the options become even greater.

Included in this website are examples of student work, and a few landscapes I have designed over the years.

Call for more information (818 512-2024) or email me photos of your landscape as it is now. Let's talk about your garden and what you are wishing it could be. I’ll help you envision the possibilities and make those ideas a reality.


Toluca Lake Traditional


Good landscaping elevates.

After neglecting front yard for so long it was hard to get motivated. Neighbors were furious and had had enough of our awful yard. Finally our daughter's impending nuptials was the straw that got us moving forward. Larronde Design came up with the right solution, at just the right time, to get the yard in shape for the summer wedding activities.


We had finally finished our whole house construction and, of course, the budget was exhausted. Larronde Landscape Design put in a planting design that highlighted our cottage feel and made everything look perfect.

P & J Clifford

I had looked for a decent rental property for weeks. I wasn't going to settle for something after owning my own home for 10 years. The landscaping sealed the deal before I even saw the inside of the house. I thought if the outside was this nice, the inside would be also. It was. I've been here over 12 years.

J. Burton

Larronde Design has come up with some great ideas for our sad front yard. We can't wait to get started!

Peter & Sylvia