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Welcome to Antique Stove Heaven!
For 31 years the number one source for all your antique stove-related needs in Southern California.
We specialize in the restoration of stoves from the 1950's and older.
We have over 200 refurbished stoves in stock varying in age and style;
anywhere from three burner to eight burner stoves.
We repair, restore, and sell most popular brands, including Magic Chef,
Quick Meal, Wedgewood, Western Holly and O'Keefe & Merritt.

Our Services include:
Stove Sales / In-Home Repair / Stove Restoration / Cleaning & Servicing / Rechroming / Reporcelaining

We have years of experience in working with antique stoves and can offer you expert advice on all your stove-related questions. In addition, our professional staff can restore your old stove into the stove of your dreams.
We repair, restore and clean the stoves;
and we also do chrome and porcelain work.
Your stove can be shipped throughout the country, and even internationally if you choose.
We pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard of ethics and customer satisfaction is our primary goal.